Geothermal Energy : The Resource Under Our Feet

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Powering the Future. How will the world continue to push the boundaries of sustainable energy?It seems that the solution for a new, revolutionary energy source is right under our feet. Geothermal Energy : The Resource Under Our Feet Image
AUTHOR Charles T. Malloy
FILENAME Geothermal Energy : The Resource Under Our Feet.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 16 Feb 2011

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In our search for clean, cost-effective sources of renewable energy to mitigate the effects of climate change, one source of that energy has been right under our feet all along — Geothermal ...

Geothermal power - hot energy right under our feet - The ...

We therefore have an almost inexhaustible supply of energy under our feet, because it is permanently replenished! In addition, energetically speaking, it allows us to be independent from a third country , which is not the case these days with fossil fuels.


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